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Welcome to our BPMN Modeler Enterprise Demo space. Go ahead, edit and customize this Confluence page - as well as the BPMN diagram - any way you like. We've added some sample content to get you started.

What's our goal?

No process diagram or BPM-initiative is an island

You design the processes of your company with local tools and can only link them laboriously with information from your Enterprise WIKI? Often process models are stored in file repositories, in different formats and with different or no versioning procedures. That makes it difficult to identify the lastest version everyone agreed to. We bring process modeling into the Enterprise Wiki so that everyone can view, edit, revise and accept the processes he or she works with.

Everybody in an organization can design process diagrams

Sometimes on the other hand process models can only be created by a few experts in your company using expensive BPM solutions. But you want to make your processes accessible to all employees in one place so that people can interact with these processes, change them in controlled ways and keep the process models up to date and therefore relevant for the organization. What's more, all employees should actually be able to use a lightweight process modeling tool that allows the business processes they live in to be documented quickly and easily.

Try it out:

1. Create an new Page in this Demo Space and insert the BPMN Modeler Enterprise Macro. (No fear, you cannot destroy this site):


2. Or use our BPMN Modeler Enterprise - Process Template 


Get in Touch!

If you have any questions, or you would like to have a private Test-Environment provided by us, please contact us directly:


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